We are a decentralized interior designer studio operating all around Europe. We specialize in Retail Design and Inspiring Personal Projects.

We believe in creating designs that revolve around the individual - their lifestyle, needs and desires. In our opinion, an interior should be filled with meaning, creating a sense of comfort, joy and harmony for its owners.
Project Showcase


Valea Store
Lingerie Store in a shopping center I 2021

Another shop of the lingerie chain, in the given style. The interior had to be inviting, comfortable and cosy. The colour palette, fabrics and rounded furniture shapes give femininity and softness.
Valea Store
Lingerie street boutique I 2019

In this project, the challenge was to create a trendy, yet feminine, soft, enveloping interior. To achieve this, arches and rounded shapes were chosen as the main elements, a complex colour palette of delicate colours and a sophisticated combination of textures was selected.
Project The Geometry Game
Private house 288 m2 for a 5 persons family I 2023

The family that lives in the house consists of parents and three sons. It was necessary to take into account the character and preferences of each person, while ensuring that all the rooms flowed seamlessly into each other, being different in character but not contrasting too much with each other, creating a unified whole.
Project The Escape Plan
Flat 115 m2 for a single person I 2021

The interior of the flat was created for a bachelor, an athlete by profession, who needed a stylish retreat that could possibly accommodate an expanding family. The choice of colours and materials reflect the character of their owner.
You can choose from a range of private and public space design services. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to offer you an option that could for sure suit your needs.
Colour Consulting
Development of a colour scheme taking into account the functionality of the room, as well as your preferences and psychological features
Room Layout
The optimal placement of partitions, redevelopment options and placement of furniture will be offered
Design Concept
The design concept includes a style and colour map and an indicative selection of furniture and decorative items
Design Project
Exhaustive project including layout, selection of finishes and furniture, possible help in purchase of furniture and materials, as well as author's supervision.
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